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Year 2023
Name Parlamento
Client Parlamento
Category Visual Identity; Art Direction; Communication; Web Design;
Our journey began with creating a new visual system, a foundational step that set the stage for all subsequent design endeavours. This system was the crucible where the past met the future – a fusion of traditional values with a forward-thinking approach.


In the digital realm, Parlamento asserts its unique identity through a website that mirrors its ethos: a council where niche and familial symbols converge, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and welcoming.


Rooted in the historic establishment of Portugal’s first streetwear haven in 1996, Big Punch is vividly encapsulated in the website’s narrative. 
Fast forward 22 years, and Parlamento stands reinvented yet grounded in its original mission – to be a beacon in the cultural and community landscape. The website aims to embody this evolution. 


It’s characterised by a striking black-and-white palette. The primary typography is intentionally neutral yet brimming with character, balancing understated grace and distinct personality. In our pursuit of a distinctive visual language for Parlamento, we retained their classic black-and-white colour palette. To this established palette, we introduced a dynamic new element: the tunnel. This symbol, sometimes replacing or working in tandem with the brand’s iconic square, represents a journey through heritage and innovation. It’s a metaphor for the brand’s path from its storied past into a bold, new future. This addition enriches Parlamento’s identity and adds depth and intrigue, inviting interpretation and engagement from its audience.


In essence, Parlamento’s website is not just a digital space. It’s a platform where the past and present coalesce, inviting users to explore and engage with a brand that’s as much about heritage as it is about innovation and community.


The journey continued with the website. The elements of the new visual system were carried forward, breathing life into street campaigns, bespoke bags, and unique printed pieces. This extension ensured a cohesive brand experience, allowing Parlamento’s ethos to resonate not just online but in our community’s very streets and hands.

Following this, a new chapter unfolded with the opening of a new store on Rua do Norte. This physical extension of Parlamento’s visual system incorporated a star symbol, adding a new dimension to the brand’s identity. The star complements the existing elements and further deepens the narrative of Parlamento. This addition to the visual language underscores the brand’s commitment to evolving while staying true to its roots, creating a seamless blend of tradition and modernity that continues to captivate its audience.
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