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Year 2021
Name Ai Wei Wei Rapture – Catalogues
Client Everything is New
Category Editorial;

We had the honour of creating three distinct catalogues for the Ai Weiwei exhibition in Lisbon, each tailored to offer a unique perspective on the celebrated artist’s work. The remarkable project blended a strong editorial identity with diverse production techniques while maintaining commercial appeal.

1. The Temporary Catalogue: This version was designed as an introductory piece, offering a concise glimpse into Ai Weiwei’s expansive work in the Lisbon exhibition. It was crafted to engage and intrigue, providing a taste of the artist’s vision and the exhibition’s scope.
2. The Popular Catalogue: Stepping up in content richness, this edition delved deeper. It was a comprehensive guide, offering a broader range of images and insights. The design and production of this catalogue were carefully balanced to make it accessible yet substantial and appealing to a broader audience.
3. The Deluxe Catalogue: The pièce de résistance was a lavish compilation brimming with stunning photographs and extensive content. It was designed for collectors and art enthusiasts, providing an immersive and detailed exploration of Ai Weiwei’s work.

Beyond these catalogues, the project extended to include an additional book and three revised editions of older publications. Each piece was a testament to our commitment to editorial design, showcasing a variety of production gestures—from the tactile feel of the paper to the binding techniques—ensuring each publication was informative and a tactile delight.

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