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Year 2016
Name Alberto Vieira
Client Alberto Vieira
Category Visual Identity;

For Alberto Vieira, we designed a visual identity that adapts to its environment, much like the music and sound design work he is known for. This identity is deeply rooted in the essence of sound, drawing inspiration from synthesizers and Alberto’s creative process.

The design features a bold, minimalist gesture that represents sound waves, synthesizing the technical and artistic aspects of Alberto’s craft and it’s initials. The color palette, dominated by bold colors and black, enhances the visibility and impact of the design, ensuring it stands out in various contexts. The typography is clean, providing a clear and professional presentation that aligns with Alberto’s expertise in music and sound design.

This adaptable identity is designed to work across multiple platforms and mediums, from business cards and digital interfaces to promotional materials. Its ability to transform and integrate into different settings makes it that his brand remains relevant and engaging in any context.

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