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Year 2023
Name b.leza
Client Clube b.leza
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

We developed a brand identity for B.leza, a renowned music venue and dance club in Lisbon, that evolved from the club’s signature feature – the “.” in “b.leza.” This single dot became the genesis of a geometric landscape, defining the visual world of B.leza in a new way.

Our approach was to create a system where geometric shapes act as containers, encapsulating the vibrant energy and rhythm of B.leza. These shapes form a versatile and dynamic grid, adaptable to various applications, from digital media to print.

The identity retains the iconic fluor pink colour of the venue, albeit with a subtle tweak. This continuity in colour ensures that the soul of B.leza – lively, energetic, and distinctly urban – remains intact while the refreshed design adds a contemporary edge.

Our design aims to carefully balance tradition with innovation, reflecting B.leza’s legacy as a staple in Lisbon’s music scene yet positioning it firmly in the present.

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