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Year 2023
Name Beatitude
Client JM Eventos
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For Beatitude, a vibrant university music festival set in the idyllic Azores Islands of São Miguel Island, we approached the project as a blank canvas, even though it was a continuation of an already fantastic endeavour. Recognizing the need for bold colour, our design system is typography-driven bold, mirroring the festival’s vibrant energy.

The typography plays a pivotal role, not just as a textual element but also as a form of illustration, infusing a uniquely cool and dynamic energy into the design. This approach captures Beatitude’s vibrant essence and creates a unique visual identity.

Additionally, we developed a distinctive frame that is transversal to all festival pieces. This frame is easily identifiable and robust as a unifying design element that ties together the festival’s visual communications. Its presence across all materials ensures a cohesive and memorable identity for Beatitude.

Beatitude is on its way to becoming a hallmark in the university music festival landscape, standing out for its musical quality and were happy to be part of it.

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