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Year 2023
Name Beatriz Pessoa – Prazer Prazer
Client Beatriz Pessoa
Category Music Artwork;

For Beatriz Pessoa’s album “Prazer Prazer,” we developed a graphic system that fully embraces the power of repetition reflected in the album’s title. The idea was to intertwine the striking visuals of the photography with the boldness of graphic design elements while incorporating geometric shapes to enhance the overall aesthetic.

The album artwork leverages the repetition of the word “Prazer” (Pleasure) to create a rhythmic visual impact that mimics the lyrical and musical patterns of the songs. This repetition is not merely a textual element but is echoed in the structural layout of the graphics, using mirrored and repeating geometric forms that resonate with the themes of echo and reflection in the music itself.

The carefully chosen and edited photography interacts seamlessly with these geometric designs, ensuring that the images of Beatriz do not stand alone but are part of a larger, cohesive visual story. The colours and forms are selected to complement and enhance the photographs, tying the visuals directly to the auditory experience of the album.

In addition, the overall design concept extends beyond the album cover to encompass the entire graphic system related to the album, including promotional materials, digital interfaces, and merchandise. This holistic approach ensures that every visual touchpoint connected to “Prazer Prazer” reflects the album’s core themes and Beatriz Pessoa’s artistic identity.

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