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Year 2023 — 2024
Name Companhia Paulo Ribeiro
Client Companhia Paulo Ribeiro
Category Visual Identity; Web Design; Art Direction;

For the Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, we crafted a visual identity that embodies the lightness and fluidity of dance while serving as a robust vehicle for clear communication. Founded in 1995 by the renowned dancer and choreographer Paulo Ribeiro, who has also directed several prestigious dance institutions, the company embodies a legacy of artistic excellence. Our design captures this heritage through minimalist and elegant visual gestures that echo the critical movements in dance, reflecting the creative direction and depth of Paulo Ribeiro’s work.

The website, conceived as an archival space, is designed to accommodate substantial growth over time, reflecting the evolving nature of Paulo Ribeiro’s contributions to dance. It functions as a repository of past performances and a living document of the company’s ongoing artistic journey. The design emphasizes usability and scalability, ensuring that new content and features can be seamlessly integrated as the company’s digital footprint expands. This approach ensures that the website remains a central, dynamic hub for new audiences and long-time followers to explore the rich history and vibrant future of the Companhia Paulo Ribeiro.

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