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Year 2023
Name Entangled Others
Client Entangled Others
Category Visual Identity;

For Entangled Others Studio, we designed an identity that reflects their work’s profound interconnectivity and organic complexity. The studio explores the intricate relationships between humans and the non-human world, emphasizing our intertwined existences and the vital need to engage with the more-than-human in every aspect of life. Our design approach mirrors this philosophy by blending organic motifs with vital graphic elements, creating a visual language that speaks to life’s unity and diversity.

The identity is crafted as a living organism, symbolizing growth and adaptability. It incorporates organic shapes that flow and intertwine, representing the entangled nature of our existence with the world around us. These elements are not just decorative but are core to the brand’s narrative, underscoring the studio’s commitment to a deeper engagement with the planet’s diverse and interconnected ecosystems. The design remains respectful and non-intrusive to Entangled’s work, enhancing rather than overshadowing the profound messages they aim to convey. This dynamic, ever-evolving visual identity creates a space for growth, inviting viewers to contemplate and engage with the concept of entanglement themselves.

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