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Year 2018
Name ET CETERA (2018)
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For ET Cetera, an electronic music and art festival in Faro, we developed a comprehensive identity and graphic system that extended across various media, including posters, billboards, outdoor signage, tickets, banners, car vinyls, and all editorial and communication materials. Part of the system was designed to be customizable with spray paint, allowing each piece to be treated as a unique artwork, much like the music and art that inhabit the festival space.

This customizable approach enabled us to infuse individuality into each design element, reflecting the festival’s dynamic and eclectic spirit. The use of spray paint not only added a layer of uniqueness to each piece but also resonated with the raw and creative energy of electronic music and art. By combining this with a cohesive visual framework, we ensured that all materials maintained a strong, recognizable identity while celebrating the diversity and creativity of the festival.

The vibrant and flexible system we created captures the essence of ET Cetera, making each item a one-of-a-kind expression of the festival’s innovative and artistic atmosphere. This approach not only enhanced the visual impact but also engaged the audience, inviting them to experience the festival as a living, evolving entity.

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