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Year 2023
Name ET CETERA (Maio 2023)
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For this edition of ET Cetera, now set against the beautiful backdrop of Óbidos, we decided to evolve the art direction while maintaining the festival’s core identity. Keeping Faro’s essence at heart, we introduced vibrant green and pink gradients, inspired by the interplay of the ground and the setting sun’s light. This fresh palette brings a new level of energy and warmth, perfectly capturing the festival’s transition to its new location.

We also enhanced the characteristic grid system of ET Cetera, adapting it to emphasize the festival’s shift to a one day event. This grid is now more prominent, guiding the design with a bold and dynamic structure that aligns with the festival’s strong and daring spirit. The use of these gradients and the refined grid system ensures that the visual identity is both striking and cohesive, reflecting the unique atmosphere of Óbidos while staying true to ET Cetera’s innovative and eclectic nature.

This new visual direction extends across all festival materials. Each element is designed to be both functional and visually engaging, inviting attendees to experience the festival in a fresh and exciting way. The combination of green and pink gradients with the robust grid system creates a vibrant and cohesive look that celebrates the festival’s creative energy and its beautiful new home.

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