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Year 2023
Name ET CETERA (Setembro 2023)
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For the September edition of ET Cetera, we introduced a new color palette inspired by the elements of water and sunlight. This palette features delicate hues that evoke the textures of water and the gentle waves, both sonic and aquatic, creating a serene yet dynamic visual experience.

In this edition, the design incorporates intricate drawings that mimic the fluidity and movement of water. These textures are woven throughout all visual materials, creating a cohesive and immersive aesthetic that reflects the festival’s atmosphere. The photographs are treated with the same visual logic, blending seamlessly with the water-inspired textures to enhance the overall theme.

This fresh color palette and textural approach extend across all festival materials. The combination of water and sunlight hues, along with the delicate wave patterns, creates a harmonious and captivating visual identity. This design not only celebrates the natural beauty of the festival’s setting but also underscores the fluid and evolving nature of ET Cetera’s music and art.

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