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Year 2021
Category Visual Identity; Web Design;

For Exhibitio, a Portuguese association of art galleries, we developed a design system centred around the letter “H”. It was designed to function as a container in different formats, such as on the web and in printed materials.

The ” H ” design was strategically thought out to be flexible, adapting to the varied contexts and needs of the association’s members, reflecting their diversity. The responsive nature of the design ensures that the visual identity remains cohesive, regardless of the platform or format. Furthermore, the missing part of the “H” transforms into a pixel, an element that stands out in the web unfolding of the identity. This approach brings a dynamic and modern aspect to the visual identity, allowing for engaging visual interaction.

The colours chosen for Exhibitio’s identity are intense, creating a striking and contemporary visual presence.
It is an identity that embraces diversity, innovation, and creativity, serving as a visual meeting point for all involved.

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