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Year 2022
Name Festival Iminente Marseille
Client Iminente
Category Art Direction; Communication; Visual Identity;

For the Iminente festival in Marseille, we had the exciting opportunity to design the visual identity and creatively intervene in the communication system of the muCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations). Our unconventional approach focused on integrating and transforming the museum’s existing communication materials during the festival week.

We developed a system involving printed stripes that allowed us to ‘parasitize’ the existing communication. These stripes were strategically placed over existing posters and materials, creating new meaning and visual interest. This method ‘hacked’ the museum’s communication system, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the festival’s presence within the museum’s space.
In addition to this layer of intervention, we also focused on the festival’s communication pieces, including posters, signage, maps, tarps, and more. For these, we chose a fantastic typography designed by Benoit Bodhuin, which played a significant role in the visual narrative. The typeface’s bold and unique characteristics inspired us to work with large geometric forms that originated from typography. This integration of type and shape resulted in a cohesive and impactful design.

We embraced the challenge of merging our design with the existing aesthetic of muCEM while ensuring that the festival’s identity stood out with a bang. The project was a thrilling exploration of how design can interact with and transform a space, adding new layers of meaning and engagement. The result was an immersive visual experience that perfectly encapsulated the vibrancy and energy of the Iminente festival.

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