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Year 2023
Name Formação da Linha ao Círculo
Client Ordem dos Arquitectos
Category Communication; Visual Identity;
The visual identity for the “Da Linha ao Círculo” program by the Ordem dos Arquitetos was meticulously developed with a singular focus on geometry. This approach symbolizes the essence of architecture – the art of creating and uniting forms in space.

Colour economy was a crucial element in this design. A restrained yet impactful palette was chosen, which not only underlines elegance and simplicity but also allows the geometry to be the true protagonist. Using limited but expressive tones gives the design a solid and recognizable visual identity.

Flexibility was another fundamental pillar of this project. Recognizing the importance of creating a visual system that could adapt to different contexts and applications, the identity was designed to be highly versatile. This versatility is evident in how the geometric elements can be rearranged and adapted, maintaining visual cohesion across all program communications.

The transition from line to circle and the interaction of these primary forms symbolize the architectural thought and creation process – from the initial conception to the final realization. Each graphic piece, each application of this design, tells a part of this story, offering a window into the world of architecture.
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