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Year 2021
Name Lisboa Soa 2016—2020 (book)
Client Lisboa Soa
Category Editorial;

For the book Lisboa Soa, we focused on creating a comprehensive and detailed documentation of the extensive and attentive history of the festival. With an exposed spine and colored paper, the design emphasizes both the raw and vibrant aspects of the content. The book includes an extensive photographic collection by Vera Marmelo, capturing the essence of the event with her keen eye.

The rich visual content is accompanied by profound texts and detailed interviews that explore the themes of sound art, ecology, and auditory culture. Covering the period from 2016 to 2020, the book Lisboa Soa serves as an archive, meticulously documenting the festival’s journey. This publication celebrates the intersection of art, nature, and sound, offering readers an immersive view of the festival’s impact and significance.

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