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Year 2022
Name Lisboa Soa 2022
Client Sonora
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For the 2022 identity of Lisboa Soa, an itinerant and participatory sound art festival, we embraced the festival’s essence by creating a unique visual language that resonates with its core values of artistic creation, social engagement, and ecological awareness. The festival’s journey through diverse spaces and its focus on sound installations, performances, and workshops were central to our design approach.

We developed a series of illustrations generated through predefined rules. These illustrations were randomly created and crafted to evoke the various structures and spaces that Lisboa Soa occupies and transforms. Each visual element in the identity represented the uniqueness of the locations the festival has brought to life.

Crucially, our design incorporated the concept of onomatopoeia, where sounds are represented as letters, mirroring the auditory experience of the festival. This design aspect brought a playful yet meaningful dimension to the identity, emphasizing Lisboa Soa’s focus on sound and its impact. This combination visually encapsulated the festival’s dynamic and immersive nature and highlighted its innovative approach to using public spaces for artistic expression.

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