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Year 2023
Name Lisbon Art Weekend 2023
Client Lisbon Art Weekend
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

For the Lisbon Art Weekend (LAW), we’re tasked with revisiting the festival’s identity and visual system that we created. We aimed to reflect the event’s essence – a vibrant blend of Lisbon art spaces, galleries, and urban contemporary art scenes.

The cornerstone of our design was the development of a strong colour palette. We drew inspiration by selecting colours that resonated with the city’s energy and the festival’s dynamic spirit. This palette was visually striking and reflective of the diverse art forms showcased during the event.
A key feature of our new design was the introduction of flowing strings in the communication materials. These strings were inspired by multiple elements – the meandering paths of the Tejo River, the movement of people as they journey from one gallery to another, and the fluidity of dripping ink. This motif symbolizes the interconnectedness of the art spaces and the fluidity of the contemporary art scene in Lisbon.

Our revised identity and visual system for the Lisbon Art Weekend encapsulates the event’s essence: a celebration of contemporary art in an urban setting, inviting and inclusive to all. The design is a testament to the festival’s mission of merging diverse art spaces and facilitating dialogues in the art community of Lisbon.

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