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Year 2018
Name Margarida Fleming
Client Margarida Fleming
Category Web Design;

We aimed to marry neutrality with boldness for the Margarida Fleming website, crafting a digital space where clean lines and minimalist aesthetics allow the art to take centre stage. This approach was carefully chosen to enable users to immerse themselves fully in Fleming’s work, providing a platform where the details of each piece, from techniques to sizes.

We focused on creating an interface as informative as it is beautiful, ensuring that all those geeky details that art lovers and casual browsers alike relish are readily accessible. The website’s layout is designed to be intuitive, guiding visitors through Fleming’s portfolio quickly and allowing for deep dives into the specifics of her artistry.

Whether it understands the layering of paint, the texture of the brush strokes, or the dimensions that give each piece its presence, the website is a testament to our commitment to showcasing art and providing a comprehensive view into its creation and an easy-to-navigate “shop”.

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