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Year 2013 – Present
Name Parasitical Interviews
Client Desisto
Category Communication;

For our Parasitical Interviews, we revisit a foundational endeavour that marks the inception of Desisto’s editorial ventures back in 2013. Initially a covert operation, these interviews were discreetly hidden within publications on bookstore shelves. Over the years, they have evolved, gaining recognition and featuring at events such as the Portuguese Small Press and the 21st anniversary of the Lisbon Comics Library (Bedeteca de Lisboa).

Each interview within the Parasitical Interviews project is presented in a unique format: one side showcases the interview, while the other highlights the work of the interviewee. The entire series is printed using risography. This method not only maintains the distinct, textured quality of the prints but also emphasizes the personal and handcrafted nature of the project.

Starting in 2013 and continuing actively to this day, the Parasitical Interviews have become a significant part of our identity. This project exemplifies our commitment to celebrating and documenting creative voices through innovative and engaging formats, ensuring that each publication is both a piece of art and a valuable historical record.

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