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Year 2017
Name Pedro Fonseca
Client Pedro Fonseca
Category Visual Identity;

For Pedro Fonseca’s mechanical carpentry workshop, we designed a visual identity system that reflects the craftsmanship and materials inherent to the trade. Our concept centered around the themes of interlocking joints, precise cuts, and geometric forms, evoking the essence of wood and iron work.

The design incorporates motifs inspired by traditional woodworking techniques, such as joints and connections. To further enhance the artisanal feel, we utilized a color palette that mirrors the natural tones of wood and the industrial hues of iron. The typography is clean and robust, yet elegant, capturing the balance between craftsmanship and creativity that defines Pedro Fonseca’s work.

This system extends across all branding materials. Each piece is designed to be both functional and beautiful, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that Pedro Fonseca brings to his carpentry.

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