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Year 2021
Name Plantae
Client Plantae
Category Visual Identity; Web Design;

For Plantae, a plant shop located in Campo de Ourique, we crafted a unique identity and graphic system that draws inspiration directly from the store’s physical space. The design utilizes both a weight and its italic counterpart, along with special characters and a system of “boxes”, reflecting the embedded shelves that are a distinctive feature of the shop. This architectural detail seamlessly transitioned into our design approach, forming the backbone of the visual system.

The art direction is rooted in prints of plants, offering a textured, organic feel that resonates with the shop’s botanical essence. We employed a chromatic palette of greens, earthy tones, and ochres to create an impactful yet elegant aesthetic. This color scheme not only highlights the natural beauty of the plants but also ensures a cohesive and sophisticated visual experience. The result is a harmonious blend of form and function, capturing the spirit of Plantae while providing a flexible and enduring identity for the brand.

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