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Year 2024
Name PMDS – Música Para Miradouros
Client PMDS
Category Music Artwork; Packaging;

We embarked on an extraordinary and multifaceted design project for the album “Música Para Miradouros” by PMDS. The album, created by the Azorean electronic duo Pedro Sousa and Filipe Caetano, captures the contrasting slopes and asymmetries of the islands, recorded live in open-air spaces on São Miguel in the Azores. This sonic portrait, untouched by post-production editing, serves as a sound postcard, reflecting each recording session’s natural and immediate environment.

Our design approach embraced this ethos. It’s a double white vinyl album with a gatefold cover and intricately printed inner sleeves. The transparent outer sleeve, screen-printed with Lissajous wave patterns, adds layers of visual depth and complexity, echoing the album’s themes of contemplation and catharsis.

Every design element was meticulously selected to harmonize with the music’s introspective and celebratory nature. This visual language permeates all album materials, ensuring a unified and immersive experience.

“Música Para Miradouros” is not just music for viewpoints but for any place that invites introspection and appreciation of the surrounding beauty.

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