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Year 2023
Name Prémios Sustentabilidade e Investigação
Client Ordem dos Arquitectos
Category Communication; Art Direction;
For the 2nd edition of the Prémios Sustentabilidade e Investigação (PSI), by Ordem dos Arquitectos, we developed a visual identity that reflects the underlying values of sustainability and innovation associated with the award.


The chosen colour palette focused on shades of green, representing nature, growth, and renewal. These tones capture the essence of sustainability and provide a strong visual impact, standing out in the communicative context of the award.


The design incorporated repeating shapes, drawing inspiration from loops and cycles. This conceptual choice is deeply rooted in the idea of the recycling cycle and repetition, essential elements in the dialogue on sustainability and environmental conservation.


By employing these shapes, the visual identity evokes a sense of continuity and interconnectedness, resonating with the central themes of the award.


The created graphic system is flexible and adaptable, allowing for consistent application across various platforms and materials. From the website to printed and digital materials, each element was carefully designed to convey the message of innovation and commitment to sustainability, which are fundamental for the Ordem dos Arquitetos and the PSI Awards.
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