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Year 2024
Name Ressoar
Client Eighty Forward
Category Communication;

For the documentary “Ressoar,” which delves into the creative continuum of our Ricardo Martins and his album “Distraimento,” we developed a poster that captures the essence of his transformative musical journey. The design for the poster began with an analog approach before transitioning to digital, mirroring Ricardo’s tactile approach to music creation. This method reflects the experimental and repetitive processes Ricardo employs to bring his imaginative visions to life, a theme central to the documentary directed by Carlos Miranda.

The visual identity combines raw, energetic elements with structured design features to embody Ricardo’s identity as a “punk scientist” and his role in the perpetual reconstruction of Portugal’s underground music scene. The tactile nature of the design links directly to the hands-on, dynamic nature of his music, creating a visual representation that is as explosive and infectious as the energy Ricardo brings to his solo project.

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