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Year 2024
Name Revolu(som) – 10 Anos KISMIF
Client Museu e Bibliotecas do Porto
Category Visual Identity; Communication;

REVOLU(SOM)—10 YEARS KISMIF exhibition celebrates ten years of the kismif conference and 50 years of democracy and freedom, showcasing and celebrating all things underground with a special focus on music. In collaboration with our dear friend Bráulio Amado, we had the pleasure of designing everything for the exhibition. A place of celebration, a dance floor. All graphic materials share similarities and are different, with various letters, illustrations, and floors.

The design aimed to create a vibrant and eclectic environment that reflects the spirit of the underground music scene. Each piece of graphic material, while maintaining a cohesive overall aesthetic, stands out with its unique elements, contributing to a dynamic and engaging visitor experience. This approach ensures that the exhibition space not only celebrates the past ten years of KISMIF but also invites attendees to actively participate in the ongoing dialogue about music, freedom, and underground culture.

Photography © Museu do Porto — António Alves

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