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Year 2024
Name Rui dos Purés
Client Rui dos Purés
Category Communication;

Rui Lemos is an artist, musician, researcher, chef, and Masterchef! A multifaceted talent, he seamlessly blends his passions for music, research, and culinary arts. Affectionately known as “Rui dos Purés” for his extraordinary culinary creations, Rui approached us to design a t-shirt featuring one of his unique recipes. The project was a delightful experience, capturing the essence of his creativity and expertise.

The t-shirt design showcases the recipe for “Puré de Raiz de Aipo” (Celery Root Puree) in a visually engaging format. We used a playful, hand-drawn illustration style to bring the recipe to life, depicting Rui in his chef persona, surrounded by whimsical elements related to cooking. The typography is bold and clear, ensuring that the recipe is not only decorative but also functional, allowing wearers to follow the steps with ease.

The combination of red ink on a neutral background gives the design a classic, yet vibrant feel, making it both stylish and practical.

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