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Year 2024
Name SIM [Startups & Investment Meeting]
Client Startup Portugal
Category Visual Identity; Web Design; Communication;

For the SIM Conference (Startups & Investment Matching), we designed a brand identity deeply rooted in digital aesthetics, encapsulating the essence of connection and innovation that the event stands for. Our design philosophy was anchored around liquid forms that combine to create new, dynamic shapes, mirroring startup ecosystems’ fluid and ever-evolving nature. This concept visually represents the core idea of the conference—growth, connection, and the seamless integration of ideas. By employing these organic, mutable forms, our design speaks directly to attendees’ transformative experiences at the event.

The colour palette was vibrant and bold, carefully selected to excel in digital environments while translating effectively into physical mediums. These colours aren’t just visually striking; they also resonate with the energy and the forward-thinking approach of the startups and entrepreneurs the conference aims to attract. Each element of our design—from the overarching identity to specific applications—was crafted to look visually appealing and foster a sense of community and synergy among participants.

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