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Year 2020
Name The Only Bombs That Matter: Seed Bombs
Client Future Print Club
Category Art Direction; Communication;

For the Future Print Club initiative, we designed a unique T-shirt where all proceeds were directed towards a non-profit organization. Our design wasn’t just a piece of clothing but a statement and a manual – a guide for making seed bombs.

Seed bombs are small balls made from soil, clay, and seeds. They are a tool for guerrilla gardening, a concept aimed at reclaiming and greening barren or neglected urban spaces. The idea is simple yet powerful: anyone can toss these seed bombs into empty or unused land, and over time, these seeds sprout and grow, transforming dull spaces into areas of green, life, and biodiversity.

Our design illustrated this concept in a detailed and interactive manner. We believed that seed bombs represent what should be the only type of ‘bombs’ that exist – ones that create life rather than destroy it. The T-shirt served as a canvas for spreading awareness about this eco-friendly, grassroots method of urban rejuvenation.

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