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Year 2015
Category Editorial;

In 2015, we were awarded a grant from the Frans Masereel Centrum for winning the prize for the best editorial piece at the Arts Libris festival in Barcelona. We shared a table with Adolfo Press and Do the Print, with whom we shared this honour.

The scholarship allowed us to stay at the Center in Kasterlee, and ambitiously, we decided to create (the three entities) a publication that would bring together everything we experimented with during those days. The publication features a “container” made with screen printing. It includes a small publication in risography, a poster (also in silk screen), and a set of posters produced in a risograph Comcolor, where we printed and overprinted, creating new images through an overprint analog process.

At that time, we were living through the tight times of the Troika, and we were all from countries referred to as PIGS. The research and content reflected what being European from the South means.

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