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Year 2023
Name Yuzin (2023)
Client Yuzin
Category Editorial;

For the cultural agenda project Yuzin in São Miguel, Azores, our work has focused on developing a cohesive and evolving design over time. In close collaboration with the written content team, we’ve aimed to create a publication that is both strong and fresh, ensuring it becomes a collectible piece. Yuzin is designed as a Z-fold publication, featuring a zine side and an agenda side, striking a balance between functionality and artistic expression.

Our approach embraces significant typographic experimentation, reflecting the themes that guide each edition. The zine side allows for creative freedom and visual storytelling, while the agenda side maintains practicality without compromising on design aesthetics. This dual nature of the publication not only makes it a practical tool for keeping up with cultural events but also a vibrant piece of art that readers look forward to collecting.

In 2023, we introduced a new collection featuring a striking black-and-white color scheme, with white illustrations and text on a black background. This bold design choice enhanced the visual impact of each edition while maintaining the publication’s signature elements. The strong layer of illustration added depth and artistic flair, making each issue of Yuzin compelling and unique.

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