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Desisto is a Graphic Design studio based in Lisbon and working worldwide. It started in 2013 as a platform to escape our day jobs, curate exhibitions, release publications, promoting research and collaborations with people from different backgrounds. In 2016 we decided to mainly operate as a design studio with a strong Typography & Production focus, not leaving out any of the things we love to do.





Experience the allure of the apocalypse that never was with our latest drop collection, now available.

Step into our shop for a selection of what we love to create. From our publications to carefully crafted drop collections and prints, everything here reflects our passion for unique content and thoughtful design.





Keep an eye out for our upcoming risograph workshop announcement!

Our risograph printing service offers a distinctive approach to bringing your projects to life. With a palette of 12 colours, print your posters, engaging publications, and more. Whether you’re looking to print a small zine or a large-scale print run, our risograph process ensures each piece is unique.





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