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Year 2024
Name End Times
Client Self-Initiated
Category Self-Initiated;

In the final months of 2023, every Friday, we collaboratively developed a collection titled “End Times, Again.” We created a space for self-initiated work and research, where we wrote extensively and experimented with various approaches, resulting in a drop collection about ends of the world. This project featured the collaboration of João Descalço (video) and Sara Ribeiro (model).

“In the relentless march of existence, time is the ultimate sovereign, an untamed and untamable force weaving through the fabric of reality. It is the silent rhythm to which all creation dances, an omnipresent current in the river of existence. The notion of mastering time, of bending its relentless trajectory to one’s will, is as seductive as it is elusive.

To know the end, to glimpse time in its entirety, is a temptation that whispers in the quiet corners of the human mind. It’s a siren’s call, promising the ultimate dominion, the power to see the unseen, to chart the uncharted. In this quest, the enigma of time becomes a magnetic mystery, its mastery the epitome of control.

Throughout history, civilizations have sought to encapsulate time, cage it within the constructs of clocks and calendars, and wield some semblance of control. Yet, time remains defiant, a river that slips through every net, a shadow that eludes every grasp. The dream of controlling time is akin to capturing the wind – a pursuit as futile as it is enchanting.

In the end, humanity’s relationship with time is a dance – a dance of aspiration and humility, of reaching for the stars while remaining grounded to the Earth. We may never harness the reins of time, but in this realization lies a profound truth: that the beauty of existence is in its transience, in the preciousness of each fleeting moment, in the journey that unfolds one tick of the clock at a time”.

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